Olive oil is the ideal companion for a healthy happy life and best enjoyed at any time of day.

Just a few drops of quality olive oil can compliment a moment and a dish, making it a joy to share with friends and family.

  • Breakfast
  • Noon
  • Food
  • Snack
  • Dinner
  • Dressing

    Oil is essential for dressing cold or warm salads. It also boosts the flavours of a simple slice of bread or a tomato.

  • Stewing

    Ideal for sautéing the ingredients for all types of stews. In the right proportion, it is also key in roasting, whether it involves meat, fish or vegetables.

  • Baked goods

    Olive oil is a basic component of many baked goods. It is also a great help when preparing dough for bread making.

  • Sauces

    It also plays a big role in the preparation of sauces and vinaigrettes. Mother sauces like mayonnaise and all its derivations: alioli, tartar … or the mojo Picón, pesto, mustard sauce …

  • Fry

    But undoubtedly its most widespread and popular use is in the frying of fish, steaks, potatoes, croquettes, empanadillas, peppers, aubergines and other culinary delights.

  • Preservative

    ts chemical properties make it a great food preservative by techniques such as pickling or marinating.


Some ideas

Enjoy every moment with a single ingredient which is capable of thrilling your family and friends. Discover a universal taste which is pleasing to everyone, from children to adults, anywhere in the world. Share in an experience with the best ingredient: olive oil.

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    Served cold with the best Mediterranean oil (extra virgin olive oil), displaying an intense red colour from the tomatoes, with the basic foodstuff of all civilisations (bread), plus an ingredient known for its natural antibiotic properties (garlic) and the only sour wine which can be …