Right of attendance and Right to appoint a proxy

Right of attendance

The General Meeting is open to all shareholders who own at least 250 shares that are entered in the corresponding register of book entries five days prior to the meeting date. They will be accredited with the relevant attendance card or certificate issued by any of the Depositary Entities participating in Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores, or by any other form accepted by law.

Holders of fewer than 250 shares can delegate their representation to someone eligible to attend the meeting, pursuant to the law, or can pool their shares with those of other shareholders in the same situation to collectively hold 250 shares and appoint as their proxy any person eligible to attend the meeting. Such groupings must be arranged specifically for each meeting and in writing.

If the shareholder is a legal person, the person attending the General Meeting will accredit him or her sufficient powers of attorney.

In accordance with the provisions in Articles 18.bis of the Articles of Association and 16.bis of the Rules of the General Meeting of Shareholders, it is hereby placed on record that attendance at the General Meeting by electronic means will not be possible.

Right to appoint a proxy

Any shareholder entitled to attend the General Meeting can appoint another person to act as their proxy according to the provisions in the laws. The representation, unless otherwise provided by law, will be granted specifically for each meeting by (a) a document completed and signed by the shareholder asking to be represented by the delegate and a voting card to be provided by the entity participating in IBERCLEAR where the shareholder’s shares are deposited; (b) by downloading, completing and signing a representation card from the Company’s web page (www.deoleo.com ), or (c) via any other form permitted by Law.

Pursuant to provisions in the Rules of the General Meeting of Shareholders, if the document by which the proxy is appointed does not contain any other voting instructions, the proxy will vote for the resolution proposals prepared by the Board of Directors regarding matters on the agenda. On matters that arise that are not on the agenda and hence unknown at the time of delegation, the proxy will vote as he/she considers most appropriate, bearing in mind the interests of the Company and of the principal. If the proxy document does not indicate the specific person that the shareholder appoints as their proxy, it shall be deemed to have been granted to the Chair of the Board of Directors or to the person replacing him/her as Chair of the General Meeting.

In the event the proxy designated (either expressly or tacitly) by the shareholder on the proxy document has a conflict of interest and has been given no voting instructions, the representation is understood to have been granted for the specific matter at issue to (a) the person designated as the substitute of the shareholder by the delegation document; or (b) the Chair of the meeting, the CEO or the Secretary of the Meeting, in this order. Attendance at the General Meeting by a shareholder who had delegated his/her vote to a proxy shall render void such delegation.

Additionally, exercising the right to appoint a proxy is governed by the provisions in the Capital Companies Act, in the Company’s Articles of Association and in the Rules of the General Meeting.