Right to information

Pursuant to the applicable regulations, it is hereby placed on record that, as from the publication of this notice, any shareholder may examine or obtain the following documents at the registered office, Ctra. N-IV, km 388, Alcolea (Córdoba), or request the delivery thereof, immediately and free of charge.

The aforesaid documents shall be accessible by electronic means via the Company’s web page www.deoleo.com

Under the terms provided in Articles 197 and 520 of the Capital Companies Act, up to five days prior to the date scheduled for the Meeting to be held, shareholders may request the information or clarifications they consider necessary, or submit in writing the matters they consider relevant in relation to the matters included on the Agenda, the publicly accessible information furnished by the Company to the Spanish National Securities Market Commission since the last General Meeting of Shareholders was held, and regarding the audit report. For the purpose herein, shareholders may send their queries by registered post, with notice of delivery, to the registered office, Ctra. N-IV, km 388, Alcolea (Córdoba), stating the identity of the shareholder making the request and providing an address for the reply to be sent, or in person at the registered office.

Valid requests for information, clarifications or questions submitted in writing, together with the replied furnished in writing by the administrators, shall be included on the Company’s web page (www.deoleo.com).