• Raw

    When used raw, virgin and extra virgin oil flavours become more prominent, taking centre stage. When dressing a salad, making a sauce or eating bread, oil enhances the taste of the food, adding a special touch that is enjoyed on the palate.

  • Condiment

    As a condiment it has a very important role in techniques like macerating and marinating. Essential for Spanish adobo marinades and pickling, which not only results in longer preservation times but also tastier dishes.

  • Preservative

    It has a very active preservative function; it adds a special flavour to food that is preserved in it. For example, fish preserved in olive oil gives the fish excellent quality. It can also be used as a base for the spices we use to enhance dishes.

  • Fry

    When frying, it is important to use oil that is stable at the high temperatures.

  • Stew

    When making stews, the flavour of the olive oil mixes with the flavours of the other ingredients, seasoning and transforming them. The flavour of a stew depends on the quality of the ingredients and oil is a key ingredient to the result.

  • Desserts

    It is very important how oil is used in desserts, particularly fried desserts and sponge cakes, which is where its flavour is most evident. Mild oils should be used for a mild and sweet result.