Deoleo extra virgin olive oil has been synonymous with quality for more than 100 years. Quality, in addition to safety and traceability, have always been the central focus for Deoleo.



  • We analyse the flavour and physical-chemical aspect of more than 5,000 samples.
  • We select between 1250 and 1500 batches.
  • We analyse all incoming raw material.
  • We analyse all our blends before bottling.
  • We control the external characteristics of every bottle produced.
  • We evaluate our analysis system with external certification laboratories.
  • We are inspected by institutions and certification bodies once a month on average.

In addition, we believe that in order to raise the extra virgin olive oil industry standards we need to define higher quality standards. When selecting the raw material for making our blends, we implement stricter physical and chemical parameters than those set by the International Olive Council.


The selection

Deoleo selects various oils of different varieties at different stages of maturity in order to achieve a greater range of aromas and sensorial profiles to create our product blends.

Olives are not only chosen by variety and origin but are mainly selected for their sensorial profile.


The art of blending

Some olive oil aficionados believe that blending oils from different geographic areas or made with olives harvested in different seasons can affect the flavour and quality of the oil. However, the blending masters at Deoleo can achieve a perfect blend that offers the senses the same organoleptic experience as that obtained with oil from a single origin.

Firstly, our masters define the characteristics of the blend, which can be harmonious, floral, citrus, with herbal notes, notes of artichoke or bitter and spicy on the palate. Then, they select the ingredients necessary to achieve this organoleptic profile and formulate the recipe for the oil. The result is a work of art for the senses, which is a result of the experience and passion of our blending masters.

  • Clear labelling

    Transparency of the label. Our labels give detailed information about our products, including the harvest and production dates and the expiry date.

  • The best selection

    All over the world there are high quality and low quality olive oils. We select among the best oils to create our unique blends.

  • Dark bottle

    We use dark bottles for our extra virgin olive oil to protect it from light and to help further protect the quality of our products during their life cycle.

  • Self-regulation

    Deoleo is committed to quality and continues implementing quality and traceability controls after bottling.

  • The main goal of our processes is customer satisfaction by achieving maximum quality of our products and services.

  • Our production plants are certified according to BRC/IFS guidelines that guarantee the most demanding food safety standards throughout the production process, from design to storage.

  • The Tavernelle plant was awarded the strategic traceability certification ISO 22005 for Italian 100% extra virgin olive oil.