23 de April de 2019

Olive oil is good for your health – and the planet’s

Deoleo underscores scientific studies showing how olive cultivation benefits the environment   MADRID, April 22, 2019 – Among all the merits attributed to olive oil, perhaps its least known quality …

16 de April de 2019

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New Board of Directors member

04 de April de 2019

Deciphering the art of olive oil

Olive oil, the pride of the Mediterranean, is a delicious, healthy food that provides many health benefits.  Find out more about the ‘liquid gold’ and how it acquires the unique …

15 de March de 2019

One good reason why Spaniards are the world’s healthiest people

Carbonell Spain’s number one choice for Extra Virgin Olive celebrates Spain taking first place as the world’s healthiest people. MADRID, March 11, 2019 – The Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra …

13 de March de 2019

The Impressive Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In recent years, scientific research has confirmed that the consumption of extra virgin olive oil is tied to an abundance of health benefits, from brain fitness to heart health. It’s …

06 de March de 2019

Keys of the agreement between Deoleo and the Spanish Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers (UPA) to reposition olive oil.

Deoleo and the UPA presented their partnership in Jaen. It seeks a new model of production and marketing based on value vs. volume. Both organizations will work together to improve …

04 de March de 2019

BERTOLLI® Unites Eight Global Food Influencers for Italian Brand Birthplace

Famous food influencers from US, India, Finland, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Australia, Netherlands visit Tuscan home of Bertolli to launch global brand refresh.   16 May 2018 MADRID – BERTOLLI®, the …

03 de March de 2019

Deoleo at London International Olive Oil Competition

LONDON, May 15, 2018 – Spain-based Deoleo underscored its global supremacy in the production of top-quality olive oil by winning eight medals at the recent London International Olive Oil Competition, …

02 de March de 2019

Italian consumers reward BERTOLLI® extra virgin olive oils

For the third consecutive year BERTOLLI® Gentile, Fragrante and Robusto awarded the Italian Quality Award 2018. March 15, 2018 – BERTOLLI®, the world’s top-selling olive oil brand has received the …

01 de March de 2019

BERTOLLI® Unites Global Food Influencers to celebrate «Lucca Bottle»

May 16, 2018 – DALLAS – BERTOLLI®, the world’s number one olive oil brand with its award-winning blends, brought together eight global cuisine celebrities, from eight countries, to Italy – …