The world olive oil market is one of the most dynamic in the food sector. Due to the fact that the inherent characteristics of the product fully match today’s tendency to show a greater concern with health and nutrition, olive oil consumption is growing worldwide every year. Olive oil is a basic ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet. Its nutritional virtues have made it a foodstuff that is increasingly appreciated by consumers, and it therefore has a truly promising future. Sound proof of this is the opinion handed down on the 1st of November 2004 by the prestigious Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States’ agency in charge of regulating food. This opinion allowed a nutritional claim to be included on olive oil labels stating that its high content in monounsaturated fats lowers the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Deoleo is the world leader in the olive oil market, and its brands are the top sellers in countries like Spain, Italy and the United States. It also commercialises seed oils, table olives, vinegars and sauces, which makes it a veritable world benchmark in the food industry.

CARBONELL is not only the leading brand in the olive oil market in Spain; it is also the Spanish olive oil brand with the highest sales in the world.

Carbonell is not only a great oil, but behind it is a solid brand that is committed to health which is constantly evolving and innovating to offer the market practical products with the ideal qualities to be enjoyed as part of our daily diet.

BERTOLLI olive oil is the number one olive oil brand worldwide. It is distributed in 40 countries and is the second leading brand in Italy.


The Tuscan brand CARAPELLI, which dates back to 1893, is the leader in the domestic extra virgin olive oil market in Italy and has made quality and innovation its hallmarks.


As for KOIPE, its leadership in the olive oil segment clearly contributes to making Deoleo the leading olive oil bottling group in Spain.


SASSO is a traditional brand founded in Liguria in 1860. Mainly focused on the olive oil market, it has been always recognizable thanks to the iconic green tin.


HOJIBLANCA is a reference point in the extra virgin olive oil, market offering consumers different profiles of aroma, taste and experience.


Koipesol is the brand of seeds used by Deoleo with a wide range of sizes and product types. Koipesol innovates and renews itself to adapt to its consumer’s needs at all times