About Us

Deoleo is a Spanish food group that quotes on the Spanish stock market. It is the world leader in sales of bottled olive oil. Deoleo has an extensive presence abroad with famous brands, which hold leading positions in the most important markets in the world. These brands include CARBONELL, BERTOLLI, CARAPELLI and SASSO. As an international group, Deoleo has the leading brands in the areas and markets where it operates and only purveys premium-quality products. Just as a drop of our olive oil is enough to verify the quality of our products, a few figures will suffice to give a sense of the importance of Deoleo in the world.
  • • Deoleo is a world leader in the olive oil market thanks to the success of our brands, our choice of the best raw materials, our focus on research and development and the strict quality control through which we put all our products.
  • •We also have the leading brands in seed oils in Spain and Italy, and a major presence in the vinegar, dressings and table olive markets.
  • •Our brands are leaders in the majority of countries. The Deoleo brands are Bertolli, Carbonell, Carapelli, Sasso, Koipe, Sensat, Figaro and Friol.
  • • Our brands are present in more than 100 countries, offering millions of families all over the world healthy, high-quality products.
  • • We track our raw materials from the farmer to the consumer, thus ensuring the most stringent quality standards.
  • • In 2013 and 2014, the Grupo Deoleo’s turnover was 812.989 and 773.242 million Euros divided as follows by geographic market:
    Contribution to sales by region
    Southern Europe36.6%36.0%
    International Mkts19.0%17.5%
    North America20.0%19.8%
    Contribution to EBITDA by region
    Sur Europea26.5%27.3%
    International Mkts23.8%24.2%
    North America38.9%36.9%
  • • We are listed on all four stock markets in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao) with the ticker symbol OLE.