What can extra virgin olive oil be used for in cooking and food? Extra virgin olive oil is a basic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, a source of health and beauty. Its uses in the kitchen are practically limitless, the main ones being dressing salads, all types of stewing and frying, maturing and conserving food, baked goods, as a basic ingredient in many sauces or as a food in its raw state combined with bread.

What are the benefits of using raw olive oil? It is precisely when olive oil is in its raw state that the flavour and quality of virgin and extra virgin olive oils can be appreciated most intensely. When we are using it to dress a salad or eating it drizzled on bread, the oil highlights the flavour of these foods, transforming them into a real pleasure for our senses.

Is oil an ingredient or a condiment? Both answers are correct. In addition to serving to dress salads, fry and prepare sauces, olive oil is a first-rate food, a true, healthy juice made from olives.

Is olive oil good for frying? It is, without doubt, the best option. As it is very rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, which are highly anti-oxidant substances, olive oil remains very stable even at high temperatures, which means it does not release toxic elements during frying.

Can I reuse olive oil even though I used it for frying? Yes, provided that it hasn’t been exposed to temperatures higher than 180º, as it then begins to lose its qualities. However, as it is more stable than other oils when experiencing changes in temperature, olive oil can cope with being used many more times for frying and therefore turns out to be much more cost effective.

How can you tell when oil can no longer be used again? If we notice that the oil is very dark, it is best to dispose of it.

What is the best way to store the oil? In order to conserve it properly, the oil must be kept away from heat, damp, air, light and strong smells. Its ideal keeping temperature is 20º. If you wish to store it outside its original container, the ideal containers to use are recipients made of glass, waterproofed brass or stainless steel.

¿CHow long can I keep olive oil once I’ve opened the container? The date shown on the container of the oil is the best-before date, not the expiry date. This means that, ideally, you consume the oil before the date stated, but if the oil has remained in good condition it can be used perfectly well even after this date.

Can I mix different types of oil? When cooking, it is a mistake to mix the new oil with the old or different types of vegetable oils, as those from seeds do not last as well as olive oil and may release toxic substances.

How can olive oil be used as a preservative? The preservative power of olive oil has been known since ancient times. Due to its polyphenol and vitamin E content, the oil isolates foods and prevents them from entering into contact with the microorganisms which can lead them to spoil.

Can olive oil be used in the oven? Of course, although it is advisable not to expose it to temperatures of more than 160-180º.

How does olive oil interact with fish? The combination of olive oil with fish is perfect, whether for marinating, frying, roasting or stewing.


What are the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil? Extra virgin olive oil contains considerable amounts of monounsaturated fats and oleic acid, which help to reduce the risk of coronary disease. In addition, it contains antioxidant elements which eliminate the so-called bad cholesterol, fight free radicals and prevent premature aging. Various scientific studies have demonstrated that oleic acid helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and that the abundant polyphenols present in extra virgin olive oil have antioxidant properties.

Can olive oil be consumed every day? The recommendation is to consume a daily amount of around 20 or 30 grams of olive oil, or alternatively between 2 and 3 soup spoonfuls over the course of the day.

How does olive oil influence children’s growth? ? Olive oil is essential for children’s development: in fact, fat is necessary during childhood to ensure a good supply of energy.

Is it good for elderly people? A study conducted by the Lipids and Atherosclerosis Unit of the Reina Sofía University Hospital in Córdoba pointed to an improvement in arterial function among elderly people after consuming olive oil.

How does it affect cholesterol? ? Olive oil contributes to reducing LDL cholesterol levels (the so-called bad cholesterol) while increasing HDL cholesterol levels (the so-called good cholesterol).

How does it act with regard to diabetes? Scientific studies have highlighted that olive oil can help to prevent the appearance of certain types of diabetes.


What is the role of extra virgin olive oil in the current cosmetics industry? In the field of cosmetics, extra virgin olive oil is increasingly present in the formula of all types of beauty products such as skin creams, exfoliants, shampoos, moisturising and firming creams, and in general all those brands committed to natural and organic cosmetics.

Is olive oil good for the skin? Olive oil has skin moisturising properties.


Does Deoleo produce organic oil? Those of our oils which are classified as organic come from crops that are 100% organic and are certified from origin to the point of sale.

Does Deoleo have transgenic products? None of our products contain ingredients from transgenic crops, as guaranteed by our quality certificates.

What acidity level does the oil have? The acidity of the oil refers to the proportion of free fatty acids, expressed in degrees.

Does the acidity level appear on the bottle? No, because it can vary slightly from one batch to another, although it always complies with the following maximum levels: extra virgin, 0.8º; virgin, 2º; refined and olive-pomace oil, 1º