12 November 2020

Our brands bring 150 Years of Expertise

Fast-forward more than a century and you’ll find that Bertolli, Carapelli and Carbonell brands have found continued success by keeping quality as their focus. Years of research and testing have helped them fine-tune the process of sampling, blending, bottling, and shipping the best olive oils to consumers around the world. Here are a few of the things that our brands have learned over the years. 

Crop early. 

Why? “It’s the only way we can guarantee having the highest-quality raw materials,” explains Paula Lopes, Deoleo’s Chief Quality Officer. Picking olives earlier produces a flavor that contains all the characteristics desired in a good olive oil: the right touch of sweetness, bitterness, and fruitiness. Higher-quality olives even contain more antioxidants, meaning they have more health benefits. 

Sample thousands. 

Not all olive oils are equalDeoleo only works with established farmers who are known for producing olive oil at the standards the company requires. Each year, more than 20,000 oils are sampled from around the world. Of those samples, only 20 percent make the cut to be included in Deoleo’s brands. 

Taking a global approach. 

When Deoleo is searching for the perfect olive oils for their blends, they don’t let geography stop them. In fact, the company takes pride in the fact that they source from olives grown around the world. If you look at the label on one of our olive oil bottles, you’ll see that the blend may contain olives from multiple countries, including Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. By expanding the regions from which they pick their olives, Deoleo is able to ensure a higher-quality product that isn’t put at risk by climate issues or pest problems. 

It’s all about the blend. 

How does Deoleo determine the taste of each olive oil? They employ Master Blenders who bring together the art and science of flavor profiling. These experts have honed their senses to be able to identify subtle notes within different olive oils. They then blend together oils to create a consistent profile. By using this blending techniqueDeoleo is able to ensure that the taste of all their extra virgin olive oils remains constant. Master Blenders are also the key to developing flavor profiles unique to each market. Different regions have different preferences, and Deoleo takes this into account when developing their olive oils. 

These are just a few of the techniques that Deoleo employs to ensure a top-quality product. When you’re reaching for a bottle of Bertolli olive oil, Carapelli Olive Oil, Carbonell Olive Oil you can rest assured that the company has taken the utmost care in bringing you a product that is delicious, healthy and expertly produced.