12 de July de 2017

Fake Olive Oil news: Bertolli official statement against it

Dear Valued Consumers, Recently you may have seen false and defamatory online articles circulating, which make reference to various olive oil brands. See full details of the fake olive oil story here.

• The information these articles are based on is from a study made in 2010 by the University of California Davis Olive Center. This study was completely discredited by the International Olive Council (IOC) through several statements¹, since the methodology used was not in line with the IOC standards. • The study was further discredited when independent testing was unable to replicate the results of the study. • In addition, the recent online articles falsely report that the olive oils were blended with other vegetable oils, and that they can cause adverse health effects.

• The North American Olive Oil Association has contacted the people responsible for this false and incorrect news requesting to change their original article.

Be assured, as the world’s number one olive oil company, we have of the highest quality standards, security, transparency and responsible behavior of all industry, and these values are a fundamental pillar of our company. Our olive oil exceeds the rigorous and exacting standards of the International Olive Council (IOC) and European Union (EU), the only legally-binding testing methodologies for the designation of olive oil. Importantly, every batch of our olive oil is both chemically and sensory taste-tested before and after bottling. Additionally, all our products and processes meet the highest food safety standards and regulations, achieving the foremost international certifications in this sector (ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, FDA for USA export, CSQA.). As proof, in 2017 alone, we achieved global recognition for the quality of our products, winning 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze awards at multiple prestigious international olive oil competitions ². We are currently taking legal measures to vigorously defend the reputation of our company and our brands as a clear commitment of transparency towards our consumers. Yours faithfully, Deoleo and Bertolli Media Contact: Renee Enman – Corporate Communications Director renee.enman@deoleo.com :::___ 1. – Statement issued by International Olive Council on the report produced by the UC Davis Olive Centre, July 19th 2010. [UCDavisCOIstatement-eng] – Statement issued by the chemistry expert group of the International Olive Council on the report produced by the UC Davis Olive Centre, October 8th 2.010. [COI Chemistexpertgroup answer] – The International Olive Council on the second UC Davis Olive Centre report, April 13th 2011. [The IOC on the 2nd UC Davis report] 2. Including but not limited to: Los Angeles International Competition, New York International Olive Oil Conference, Athena Olive Oil competition, Lesolivalies France.