11 de June de 2019

Spain, leader in organic farming

Ecological agriculture is booming in the homeland of Deoleo, maker of world-famous Carbonell olive oil

With Deoleo one of its foremost contributors, the Spanish olive oil industry has found further reason to be proud in recent reports underlining its determination to assume responsibility for protecting the environment.

Spain leads the countries of the European Community in terms of percentage of hectares committed to organic farming, above Italy and France. In the Iberian country, the olive crop holds 195,114 hectares.

Carbonell Ecológico. Deoleo

Deoleo, always in favour of the environment attempts to satisfy consumers’ needs who are demanding even more guarantees about the origin of their production, as well as the achievement of zero waste, is the proud producer of Carbonell Ecológico.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Carbonell Gran Selección Ecológico is obtained exclusively from olives grown according to organic farming standards. In addition to completing internal quality processes – even more demanding than the norm, Carbonell Gran Selección Ecológico also has the ecological certificate issued by the control body. It is presented in a dark colored glass bottle that, in addition to preserving all its properties, can be recycled.

In the same way, Carbonell Ecológico 0,4 Olive Oil is a product obtained from organic farming and elaborated only by physical processes. Organic farming uses environmentally friendly substances and natural processes which “seek to respond to a consumer trend and add value to the category of refined oil,” says Francisco Rionda, director of operational marketing for Deoleo in Spain.

Carbonell Gran Selección Ecológico and Carbonell Ecológico 0,4 are the best examples of a trusted and high-quality brand that’s steeped by its history and tradition and yet always ready to modernize in accordance with consumer’s changing preferences and buyers’ rising expectations.

With both varieties, consumers will enjoy the surprising versatility of olive oil in the kitchen, at the same time they can feel proud to contribute to the conservation and sustainability of our environment.