In 1865 Bertolli opened a small shop in the Italian town of Lucca that sold cheeses, wines, olive oil, and other regional products. Ten years later, Francesco Bertolli founded the Bertolli Bank and Exchange, a banking entity that granted loans to Italian emigrants who set off for the United States in search of a better life. It was these emigrants who, missing the taste of the olive oil that brought back so many memories of their origin and traditions, started writing to Francesco Bertolli asking him to send oil to their new homes in the USA. Thus Bertolli became the pioneering brand in exporting olive oil to the USA and other countries. Bertolli is currently the world’s number one olive oil brand.

Centuries of Mastery


In 1893 wife and husband Cesira and Costantino Carapelli decided to create their own brand of olive oil. This was the start of the great adventure of a brand. With a strong Tuscany personality, it was the first company to create the extra virgin concept and one of the first to earn independent quality certifications. Its mastery, demonstrated throughout over 125 years of history, has enabled the brand to become ‘Experts in Extra Virgin Olive Oil’. It represents Florence genius and the values of the Italian Renaissance, which are reflected in its new packaging, a bottle designed by a renowned Italian artist. Its respect for nature and tradition, coupled with its obsession for quality and art, have further consolidated its privileged position in the Premium segment.

A brand with a rich history, nested in the hearts of consumers in Spain


Carbonell has been a staple in the kitchens of millions of people worldwide for more than 150 years. But more importantly, after so many years it remains true to the philosophy of its founder, Antonio Carbonell y Llacer, who came to Cordoba in 1866 to realise a dream: create a brand of olive oil that was a benchmark in quality and flavour. Today, Carbonell is a food icon in Spain and has become a true ambassador of the Mediterranean diet worldwide. Its olive oil, coupled with its wide range of vinegars and olives, represent the true ‘taste of home’, traditional recipes synonymous with health and tradition.