Sasso was founded by Agostino Novaro in Liguria in 1860. Thanks to the solid values on which it is based (such as tradition, skill, and attention to quality), it quickly became the leading branded oil producer in the market that, at the time, stood out for its traditional production methods. Its success is a result of the pioneering nature of the company, its production methods, and advertising campaigns. Since it was founded, Sasso advertising has stood out for its astounding originality, such as posters designed by great artists or the fact that in the 1950s it was the first company to use irony in its television commercials. Sasso has also always striven to take care of the well-being of consumers. Its oil is the result of an age-old tradition and enhances, without masking, the taste of the simplest and most authentic dishes in order to enjoy a balanced and tasty diet. Sasso has been a highly regarded brand by consumers for more than 150 years. Customer loyalty has guaranteed it a leading position in the Italian olive oil market and a wide presence in 19 countries worldwide.


Maestros de Hojiblanca

In a world abounding in nuances, many set out to savour every moment and get the most out of everything that is unique and unrepeatable about each experience; dedicated to enjoying everything that life and nature has to offer. After years of experience selecting top quality raw materials, Maestros de Hojiblanca has consolidated its position as the best ambassador for those who enjoy the quest to find the best extra virgin olive oil; to delve into a world of aromas and nuances that reach your table.

Achieving the superior blend of olive varieties by complementing flavours to achieve a better flavour is the task of expert hands; of Maestros de Hojiblanca. Maestros de Hojiblanca’s main reference is El Nuestro, the leading blend in most kitchens. It has a unique flavour that consumers recognise as the soul of their dishes. As there is an oil to suit almost every person and occasion, Maestros de Hojiblanca offers you the best range of oils with their own name and personality, combining the oil’s attributes, the fruity flavour, the spicy taste, the aroma; Alegre, Pícaro, Bravío, the Ode to our land series, Protected Designation of Origin collections, which have earned many international awards, and organic oils designed with the finest palates in mind. This range is expanding into the best portfolio for explorers who use flavour as a compass.



Koipe is a brand rooted in the tradition of Basque cuisine, as it originated in the Antiguo Gremio de Almacenistas de Aceite de Guipúzcoa in 1954. Its olive oil is firmly rooted in the region, where it is chosen for its quality and for tradition and where using a high quality and trusted oil is essential. That is why Koipe not only gathers the flavour of Basque cuisine but also represents the best of the north, both its people and excellent, highly-regarded cuisine, which is renowned for its care for little details and seeking perfection. A traditional and contemporary oil that represents the trust and legacy passed on, whilst proclaiming to be an innovative brand, chosen by the modern, urban consumer who appreciates the genuine and simple and wishes to cook and eat well, without undue fuss.


Koipe Sol

Koipe Sol is the leading brand of sunflower oil with a portfolio based on being useful to consumers; to do this, it innovates to adapt to their specific needs and speak to its cooks in their own language. Koipe Sol is designed for those seeking practical and accessible dishes, for cooks who do not see themselves as a ‘dab hand in the kitchen’. Someone who cooks to eat, not to earn a Michelin star. Someone who does not like to complicate things and who wants a versatile oil to fry some croquettes and throw together a quick dinner, make a juicy golden steak, or enjoy some chips that are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. That is why on Koipe Sol’s new packaging the sunflower steps aside, leaving the cook as the star and the label includes interesting information about its uses. One of the goals of this new image is to defend everyday home cooking and break away from the stereotype that anyone who does not cook like a chef is not a true cook. This is the origin of its new claim, ‘you have a kitchen, you are a cook’, which aims to demonstrate that making pasta and chorizo, a Spanish omelette, or a salad is cooking too.
It is obvious that Koipe Sol is much more than a frying oil. Your oven, your stews, and your grilled dishes want to prove it.
Goodbye greasy fried, hello crispy fried. With Koipe Fritos, you can say goodbye to the smell of grease and smoke in your kitchen and welcome crispier and lighter dishes. A product whose raison d’être is that 28% of Spaniards eat fried foods twice a week.



Friol was first sold in Italy in 1989, creating a new market segment: special frying oil. In a market dominated by cans and clear PET bottles, Friol stands out for choosing a red bottle. Since then, red has become synonymous with Friol and the benchmark for products for frying. In Italy this brand has been associated with frying oil from the outset and achieved success, not only in the retail market but also in the food service market. Its success was down to winning ideas like a significant investment in television advertising with modern, witty messages and a powerful slogan that is still used today; ‘fry crisp and dry’, simple and genius at the same time.
Despite many attempts to imitate it, Friol still leads the frying oil segment and is very well-known and popular with consumers, who appreciate its originality.



The cult brand Maya, corn seed oil, was launched in the 1970s.
Its famous advertising campaigns at the time earned it popularity and due to its characteristics, Maya was one of the precursors of the new trends in eating habits, accompanying the Italians towards a new concept of wellbeing at the table. In the 1980s Maya connected with the audience via television advertisements, transmitting a refined image of lightness and wellbeing, which has always characterised the brand.
In the 1980s Maya connected with the audience via television advertisements, transmitting a refined image of lightness and wellbeing, which has always characterised the brand.
At the same time, Maya wanted to innovate on the packaging too; it would be the first seed oil to ditch the antiquated can, choosing a new and practical plastic packaging, which was more modern, more hygienic, and lighter.
In 2016 Maya was completely restyled, changing the formula and packaging. Maya Vitaminado is rightly positioned as one of the few corn oils fortified with vitamin D and vitamin B6 to add more flavour to Italians’ wellbeing.
Today, in order to satisfy the needs of every consumer, Maya Vitaminado teams up with Maya Bio; this is obtained by cold pressing a selection of EU certified organically grown corn seeds and non-genetically modified plants.



Louit products contain the perfect formula that combines innovation and tradition. The best raw materials that result in top quality vinegars, vinegar glazes, and mustards that will add a unique touch to salads, vinaigrettes, marinades and sauces.
Through its six varieties of vinegar Louit offers a wide range of flavours to suit all tastes (White balsamic vinegar, Modena balsamic vinegar, Organic cider vinegar, Tarragon white wine vinegar, Rioja red wine vinegar and Jerez Reserva sherry vinegar); two vinegar glazes for sweeter palates (Modena balsamic vinegar glaze and Pedro Ximénez sherry vinegar glaze) and three unique mustards to round off all types of dishes (whole grain old fashioned mustard, Dijon mustard, and mustard with a hint of tarragon.
Basic products to be kept in the pantry of any lover of flavour. From 1825 to the 21st century with an unmistakeable flavour and naturalness.