• We promote the consumption of olive oil worldwide as an essential part of a healthy diet.

• We champion scientific projects focussed on its nutritional properties.

• We support initiatives to publicise its benefits to health.


To a top quality

We work with our brands to take top quality products that respect tradition to tables worldwide.

  • Efficient technologies
    to reduce our footprint

    We invest in efficient technologies with low carbon emissions to combat climate change. Between 2015 and 2017 we reduced our annual consumption in Spain by around 38%.

  • Non-hazardous

    We have reduced non-hazardous waste by 23.7%. We are working on reducing the packaging weight by product volume.

  • Environmental

    In 2017 we implemented a series of activities to reduce our impact on the environment:
    •Reduce power consumption.
    •Reducevolume of waste water.
    •Reduce the amount of non-hazardous waste for disposal in landfills.

  • Planned

    The activities planned for 2018 are:
    •Reduce the weight of retail packaging.
    •Reduce power consumption.
    •Reduce the amount of waste generated.

• To combat climate change we are working to make our processes more efficient, by investing in technology with low carbon emissions, taking part in national and sector programmes on efficient energy systems, energy consumption audits and feasibility studies.

•Our goal is to continue reducing the impact on the environment without affecting the quality and safety of our products.

•One of our greatest concerns is saving water as one of the essential elements for life on the planet. We do not use water as a direct resource. We do use it as an indirect resource and to improve water treatment, we have a wastewater treatment plant.


To the sector

Commitment to the vegetable oil sector, particularly the olive oil sector:

We guarantee transparency and integrity of the entire olive oil value chain so that the best product reaches the largest number of consumers.

We ensure strict adherence to the legal provisions governing the products we sell.


To society

We promote the olive oil culture through the Instituto Nutrizionale Carapelli.

Every year we publish a sector report about global olive oil production and consumption, the Deoleo Report.

We contribute to the work of various food banks and NGOs.


The employees

As a team, we are accountable in the way we respect our values and mission as a framework, looking ahead at the consequences of our decisions. We ensure our people around the globe are aware of the strategic challenge and responsibility we all have to build a sustainable world. We make sure the Deoleo’s employees are committed to learn constantly, grow and work autonomously to give their best. To create a sustainable environment we have to be innovative, and act as fast as possible when we perceive something is wrong, in order to modify any aspect of our culture. This is our way to expand our legacy, embracing diversity, to spread our experience and know around the world.

Our culture is the foundation for building a better future. Our business model is sustained by our competencies model. We enjoy our challenges, sharing with open minds our passion and commitment for excellence, through our trustworthy processes, our accuracy, and constant innovation.