15 de March de 2019

One good reason why Spaniards are the world’s healthiest people

Carbonell Spain’s number one choice for Extra Virgin Olive celebrates Spain taking first place as the world’s healthiest people.

MADRID, March 11, 2019 – The Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil and nuts is being credited in large part for Spain’s leap to the top spot in this year’s Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index.

Salud Carbonell

The news produced smiles of pride at Deoleo, the Madrid-based maker and distributor of Carbonell, a 100%-Spanish extra virgin olive oil and leader in many markets around the globe.

“At its core, Deoleo commits to continue creating exceptional quality olive oil, which is our heritage and remains at the heart of our business” said Miguel de Jaime Chief Commercial Officer from Deoleo.  We actively invest in the future of olive oil in order to preserve its unique health attributes and make it available for future generations to enjoy”.

De Jaime points out “Carbonell offers consumers five different ways to nurture their health and keep safe against illness. Its range of extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil itself in a one-liter bottle and 750-milliliter bottles of EVOO Ecologic, EVOO Magna Oliva and EVOO Gran Selección.  Each has its own unique and intriguing traits.”

Carbonell EVOO, which is obtained only by mechanical procedures, is ideal when used raw and as is, because it will maximize the explosion of aroma and flavor that’s so typical of extra virgin oils.

Ecologic, known in Spain as Gran Selección Ecológico, is produced from olives grown strictly according to organic farming standards. It comes complete with an ecological certificate issued by an organic production-control agency.

Magna Oliva derives from a careful selection of the Hojiblanca and Picudo olive varieties, which gives it an intense and persistent flavor, rich in nuances and aromas, as recognized by the 10-plus medals of national and international prestige it’s been awarded.

Gran Selección is an olive oil leader in sales for its outstanding quality. The olives are painstakingly chosen in just the right proportions using only by mechanical procedures. What emerges is a harmonious and balanced flavor: mature, fruity with hints of ripe olives, with a sweet, unctuous mouth and a pleasant almond-shaped memory.

While the Bloomberg health rankings are based on several factors in addition to eating habits, researchers have pointed out that both Spain and Italy consistently sit high on the list, and the people of both nations are known to adhere to the olive-oil-intensive Mediterranean diet dominated by fish and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Read Bloomberg’s report on its Healthiest Country Index:

Carbonell – The choice in Spanish olive oils since 1866
Carbonell is the leading brand in Spain, its country of origin and a major contributor to the world’s olive oil output. With more than 150 years of history, Carbonell represents the taste of home. It is a cherished and trusted part of Spanish cultural heritage, of the traditions in dining and hospitality that continue to be passed on from one generation to the next. It is an olive oil that’s meant to be shared among loved ones and dear friends.