General Shareholders Meeting

This section contains information on the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting announced for the 17th of January in its first convocation.

Shareholders may access all the documents related to this board meeting in the section entitled Documentation. If you wish to get in touch with Deoleo for any clarification, you may do so via telephone by calling our toll-free line 900 505 000 or by email by writing to

Dispondrá de toda la información actualizada sobre los siguientes apartados:


In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 dated the 13th of December 1999, we hereby inform you that any personal information you provide us is saved in a file called “SHAREHOLDERS” which is the responsibility of DEOLEO S.A.

The purpose of this file is to manage our relations with the organisation’s shareholders and partners in order to hold general board meetings. This information may be given to companies within the group.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency has been notified about this file, which is protected by the security measures needed to ensure the total security of the information.

We would like to remind you of your right to access the information you have provided as well as to request that it be rectified, opposed or cancelled, if applicable, under the terms set forth by the aforementioned law, by sending a written communication to this effect to