Whistleblower Channel

Access to the Ethical Channel or Whistleblower Channel

You can make your complaint through the following link:

Whistleblower Channel

To ensure a correct communication or complaint, at least the  mandatory fields of the form provided for this purpose must be answered,  recommending to include as much detail as possible of the facts, being able to attach as many documents as are considered appropriate to facilitate their subsequent investigation.

Who can use the Ethical Channel or Whistleblowing Channel?

The Ethics Channel or Whistleblowing Channel (hereinafter, “Ethical Channel”) is preferentially used  by all employees, managers and administrative bodies of all Deoleo Group companies.

Likewise, the Ethical Channel is available to other third parties such as

1. contractors / subcontractors/suppliers of the Deoleo Group and the people who act for or under its supervision;

2. self-employed;

3. volunteers, trainees, workers in training periods, as well as those whose employment relationship has not yet begun, in cases where information on infringements has been obtained during the selection process or pre-contractual negotiation;

4. those professionals whose relationship with the Group has already ended;

5. shareholders and debt holders of the Group, as well as;

6. legal representatives of workers in the exercise of their functions of advising and supporting the informant.

The Ethical Channel allows the formulation of anonymous complaints. However, if the complainant wishes to provide his identity, it will be treated with absolute confidentiality, without prejudice to the fact that it may be communicated, where appropriate, to the Judicial Authority, the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the competent Administrative Authority in the framework of a criminal, disciplinary or sanctioning investigation.

The Deoleo Group will not adopt any form of retaliation, nor will it allow any other person or group of people to retaliate, directly or indirectly, against those who have made a communication in good faith through the Ethical Channel.

Subject matter of the complaints

Through this means, potential irregularities that warn that they could suppose a contravention of the current legal provisions, of the regulations and internal procedures, or of which the commission of an administrative or criminal offense may be revealed, that were detected in the labor or professional context, expressly including those that could affect the financial and accounting information, must be communicated. fraud, corruption, harassment, as well as irregularities in the quality of the Deoleo Group’s products regardless of the stage of the process in which they are.

Ethical Channel Procedure and Code of Conduct of the Deoleo Group

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