The combination of our global scale and reach drives positive change throughout our industry. We lead by example, promoting sustainable and ethical practices, championing the need for quality controls and constantly finding ways to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We are fighting to protect the heritage of olive oil

We are advocates for our industry, fighting for formal, globally recognised standards in every market to push the boundaries on how olive oil is made. Protecting the ancient heritage of olive oil is important to us, and everything we do is carried out with a respect for tradition and quality control.

Bringing the taste of the Mediterranean to homes around the world

Our unrivalled global distribution system is key to delivering high-quality olive oils from the Mediterranean to a worldwide consumer base. We are harnessing this scale in the most effective way possible to have a positive impact. Our aim is to change the industry for the better, by acting with integrity at every turn and encouraging others to follow suit. 

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Best Practices

We want our consumers to enjoy the highest quality extra virgin olive oil possible.

To ensure this, there are 10 rules we follow to preserve the quality and integrity of our oil , from the field to the supermarket shelf.

From field to factory

Harvest olives early to preserve beneficial properties and antioxidants. It is also important that the olives once picked are transported to the mill in small trucks to best preserve the fruit. In the mill, olives should be processed as quickly as possible, without ever exceeding 6 hours after harvesting. With temperature variations possible, the mills must ensure temperature controls in place.


Transport olive oil from mill to processing facility in tanks which maintain a steady ambient temperature.


Upon arrival at the processing facility, store these tanks in a covered area which is protected from heat exposure.


Analyse oil samples to verify quality and certify that it matches what was expected.


Store extra virgin olive oil in stainless steel tanks which are filtered and provide a stable atmosphere and temperature.


Perform a 360-degree line control to plan all resources involved. Use dark-coloured packaging to protect the oil from external factors, such as light.

Oxygen extraction

Minimise the presence of oxygen in the oil at all stages of production to better preserve its properties.


Store the finished and packaged product at a controlled temperature to extend shelf life and preserve the oil’s qualities.

Shipping and distribution

During shipping, monitor the ambient temperature and use refrigerated transport as needed to maintain the oil’s temperature.

Final sampling

Take samples of the final product both in the distributor’s warehouses and once it has reached supermarket shelves.

”Operations is a complex chain, made up of different areas, but with a single focus: to serve customers in the best way possible. When the whole chain works perfectly and everyone is in a position to do the job well and the results come out, it is very exciting.”
– Juri Radichi, Italy & North Europe Operations Director, Deoleo

Leading the way to a more sustainable industry

Part of being an industry leader is striving to always be the most responsible business possible. We are committed to helping set the standards our industry works towards and to exceeding the expectations of our partners, shareholders, customers and consumers.

Sustainability at Deoleo

To create our unique blends, we also source several varieties of olive.

Upholding international standards in our factories

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