For Deoleo, sustainability is more than just a buzz word – it is the key to adding value to our brands, our society and our planet. To continue making quality products that delight consumers, we must work in a way that preserves the environment and supports the people that make our business possible. Thinking and acting sustainably is the key to nurturing a healthier future.

Our sustainability manifesto: caring for what cares for you

Olive oil is integral to the lives of so many. Those who farm it, make it, sell it and consume it. As global stewards of this vital ingredient, we are committed to producing it responsibly. Expertly. In ways that protect livelihoods, promote good health and protect our planet.

Our sustainability strategy is how we delivery the duty of care. It drives us to think smarter, work harder and lead by example. It is how we care for what cares for you.

Deoleo Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Our sustainability strategy: nurturing healthier futures

Our sustainability strategy drives us to think smarter, work harder and lead by example. It is how we care for what cares for you.

Building a sustainable business from the ground up requires a strong blueprint of what that will look like and how we will get there. That is why we launched our sustainability strategy, establishing ambitious goals to help us lead olive oil towards a better, more responsible future.


Growing together

Our ambition: By 2030, 100% of our top selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil brands in Spain and Italy to be certified by our Sustainability Protocol 

Our duty of care starts in the olive grove, where we work in partnership with farmers to develop sustainable practices and a secure supply chain that together help nurture responsible businesses, strengthen communities and build better futures for all.

Blending with love   

Our ambition: By 2030, improve olive oil quality standards throughout the value chain

Good olive oil is made with integrity. A single ingredient of the highest quality, expertly blended with the needs of consumers and the planet in mind. By collaborating, innovating and constantly striving to improve industry standards, we ensure every drop is made with care.    

Caring for you

Our ambition: By 2030, reach 150 million people, educating them on the benefits and uses of olive oil.

We want the best – for those who make our products and those who enjoy them. Healthy, balanced lives enhanced by Deoleo’s commitment of care. By communicating clearly and educating where we can, we enable everyone to make the best choices.

Responsible business 

Underpinning everything we do is a dedication to being a responsible business and doing things in an honest and ethical manner. It’s how we ensure Deoleo continues to harness the caring power of olive oil for generations to come. 

Our successes to date

0% Ecovadis Score

– Gold Medal


reduction in the Gender pay gap


approximately of recycled material in our dark glass bottles.

Spent €0

on product research and development in 2020

0% reduction

in direct emissions of CO2 in 2020

“Olive groves should respect the environment, with trees cultivated in the most respectful way possible to support local fauna and biodiversity. In our olive groves, we implement vegetation cover, creating soil that is rich in plants, to avoid erosion, to keep the soil fertile and support wildlife.”

– Enrique Gallego, Technical Director, Cerrogordo Cooperative


“I have been working in the mills for over 30 years. I was going to be a veterinarian; however, my family has some land, so I started to take care of it and in the process learned more about olive oil, what I like most is being among the olive trees, as well as being my own boss.”

– María José Campos, Secretary of the Governing Council, Nuestra Señora de Consolación de Doña Mencía Cooperative