We are proud to say that one in four bottles of olive oil in the world comes from Deoleo. As a global leader in the olive oil category, we encourage our stakeholders to commit to adding value to our products, from the field to the market shelf, ensuring sustainable growth into the future.  At Deoleo, we strive to lead by example throughout each pillar of our work: Our Quality, Our Brands and Our Global Reach. 

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Meet our employees

Larissa Iracheta

Working in the regulatory & quality world has been a journey for Larissa Iracheta. Having over 20 years of experience in this area, she joined Deoleo 4 years ago as Director of Quality & Regulatory for North America, Canada and Mexico. She can’t hide how exciting she finds her job: “My role is overseeing anything within quality and regulatory compliance for Canada, US, Mexico. I also provide support to Marketing and Sales and I do tasting sessions & training as well”.  

Larissa implemented & structured a quality system that is optimising every day. A task that wouldn’t have been possible without the effort of many: “I know this was not easy because it required a global effort. Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Not only the quality team but the rest of the company too”. She feels particularly grateful to her colleagues. “I am thankful to have the support that I need in this role. I’m surrounded by experts”, she assures. 

Pau Campo

Pau Campo is the Sales Director for EMEA, a perfect fit for someone who truly enjoys working in international environments. Having worked within the company in Dubai and in Madrid, he affirms that moving abroad again someday is one of his professional aims.

One reason Pau feels proud to be part of Deoleo is the product. “The supermarket is full of ultra-processed foods. Introducing more people from EMEA to the olive oil category, means that we are helping them to replace unhealthy fats, it has a positive impact”, he says. Specifically in the Middle East, his team is focused on developing consumer knowledge.

Caterina Vanni

Caterina Vanni is committed to the planet. And she feels grateful to be part of a company that’s determined to take care of nature. Agronomist and specialized in sustainable production, Caterina joined Deoleo to be part of a Sustainability Project to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Italy, Greece and Spain among other countries. And the results have been outstanding so far.

What Caterina enjoys the most about her role is to have direct contact and to collaborate with the farmers.  Her dream is to expand this project, so that all the products will have a sustainable certificate in the future. “The farmers are so happy to work not only on the quality of the product, but also on the quality of the environment. The aim is to create a biodiversity system”, she explains.

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