In households around the world, our olive oil is loved and trusted by consumers to enhance their meals.  

We combine the quality of yesterday with the innovation of tomorrow

We know what it takes to produce some of the highest quality olive oils. Behind our brands are heritage farms who we purchase our oils from, a deep understanding of our raw ingredient and the assurance of freshness and quality. 

With centuries of proud craft supporting us, we are now looking to the future. We are empowering farmers to create businesses that promote thriving livelihoods, while preserving the natural world. At the same time, we are innovating products to support healthier, more balanced lifestyles for our consumers.

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We create value through everything we do

We are on a mission to inspire everyone involved in the olive oil industry to make a positive difference every single day. As the world’s number one olive oil company, we have a valuable opportunity to utilise our scale to encourage change, advocating to protect the heritage of olive oil, and leading our industry in prioritising responsible business. 

Putting the future first

Our vision is to lead olive oil into a sustainable future. This starts with building strong supplier partnerships to embed sustainable farming practices. We work closely with farmers, using our shared knowledge of olives to develop holistic solutions that promote their economic success while preserving and developing the land we all rely on.

Nurturing innovation in every drop

Our purpose is to provide outstanding products that deliver premium quality. Our Master Blenders have a deep knowledge of global taste preferences and use this insight to maintain the flavours of our iconic blends. At the same time, we are developing our products and processes, innovating to continue delighting consumers.

Protecting from tree to table

Quality and freshness are key features of our olive oil. As such, we are diligent about protecting them from the field to the market shelf. We take care in every manufacturing decision, from production techniques used to quality parameters followed, to preserve the nutrient content of our oils. Our packaging guards our extra virgin olive oil against the impact of light and oxygen, ensuring an enjoyable consumer experience every time.

Sharing transparent information

Through accurate, transparent on-pack messaging and honest best-by dates, we show consumers how, and when, to use our products to enjoy as part of a healthy diet. We set ourselves apart by sharing the date the olives were harvested and when our olive oil products were bottled. Our representatives visit retail partners to check the quality of our products on the shelf, ensuring what is sold meets our exacting standards.

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