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Carbonell Magna Oliva acknowledged as one of the best extra virgin oils in the world

Carbonell Magna Oliva acknowledged as one of the best extra virgin oils in the world

The reputation enjoyed by Carbonell Magna Oliva as one of the world’s most acclaimed extra virgin olive oils has been burnished even further this year as it continues to rack up awards and certificates in international competitions around the globe. 

This proud product of Spain, another gastronomic marvel from Deoleo, has won no fewer than 15 prestigious awards so far this year for its high quality and magnificent taste, making it one of the most recognised extra virgin olive oils in its category. 

Added to the trophy case in recent months were the Superior Taste Award from the Brussels-based International Taste Institutethe highest decoration possible from the international olive oil competition (IOOC) held in Brazil, and another top accolade from the New York IOOC. 

Maca Garau, Deoleo’s Marketing Director in Spain, is understandably delighted with all that Carbonell Magna Oliva has achieved. 

It represents excellence and know-how in a bottle, but its main secret is that it is made bearing in mind those who are going to enjoy it,” she saysThats why the greatest prize of all for us is, without a doubt, to be at the table accompanying people in the happiest moments of their days. 

Carbonell Magna Oliva has now laid claim to coveted awards in major competitions from the United States to Japan to Greece and all around the planet. The win in New York City was of singular importance, given that blind-tasting contest’s stature in setting the benchmark among olive oils. Every year its judges scrutinise more than a thousand products submitted from 30-plus countries. 

The Superior Taste Award came from a daunting jury of professional chefs and sommeliers. The Brazil IOOC marked just the latest triumph, having taken place only in September, and this delivered the competition’s highest distinction. 

The 15 separate honours bestowed in 2020  including a platinum medal and eight gold medals – bring the grand total of awardearned by Carbonell Magna Oliva in the three years since its launch to an astonishing 36.

This child of Andalusia, like its sister olive oils in the Carbonell range, represents the remarkable breadth of flavour, aroma and vigour that our blending experts can obtain from Picual, Hojiblanca and Picudo olives, each of whose annual harvests and marriages produces a completely unique oil.  

Magna Oliva is characterised by a complex profile balanced between bitter and spicy accents and an intense and long-lasting tasteConnoisseurs detect notes of green leaves, freshly cut grass, tomato, hints of aromatic herbs, apple and nuts.  

These distinctions make it the ideal extra virgin olive oil to be used as is from the bottle or in marinades, over toast or in salads.  

For this season’s limited edition of Carbonell Magna Oliva, 15,000 litres have been produced, equivalent to 20,000 bottles.