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The challenge this year: Make it sustainable

The challenge this year: Make it sustainable

The IV edition of Carapelli for Art opens under the banner of ‘sustainability’, urging the artists of today’s generation to show a commitment to the future of those to come


The international prize for visual arts “Carapelli for Art”, now in its fourth edition, has given artists around the world a fresh challenge by binding to the theme of “sustainability” as a starting point to give life to their creative flair. The entries are expected to express a sense of responsibility for the economy and to the environment, from work situations to social relations, and to how art can possibly assist everyone in their daily endeavours.

Thanks to the fantastic participation seen in the past three years – 2020 saw no fewer than 1,720 entries from more than 80 countries – the organisers felt it important to bring the issue of sustainability to the forefront this year to try and bring that issue to a wider audience. They seek the artists’ reflections on how important it is to adopt a new approach in everyday life in order to guarantee continued growth and development for the generations of tomorrow.

It’s a theme close to the essence of Carapelli Firenze, a company with 120 years of experience in the fine art of creating magnificent olive oil. The brand has for years had a targeted a path to guarantee and promote sustainability within the extra virgin olive oil industry by adopting its own Sustainability Protocol, which is based on the guidelines of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

And it never stops working to this end. Nobile Carapelli, a 100% Italian extra virgin, is part of the FOOI (Future of Olive Oil) supply chain project and is certified in accordance with Sustainable Agriculture, and Frantolio, its historic extra virgin oil, has this year renewed trust in its quality with a certification of sustainable production.

“We are proud to have given life again this year to Carapelli for Art, the award that testifies to our constant commitment to support culture,” says Roberto Sassoni, General Manager of the Italy Business Unit based in Florence.

“In such a difficult period as we continue to endure do beauty and art represent such essential elements in daily life, and our appreciation of them must always be accompanied by a careful regard for long-term sustainability and protecting the environment.

“Precisely for these reasons, we have decided to combine these two important themes to offer artists the opportunity to give life to unique creations that can be an expression of a balance in the growth of the current generation with that of future generations.”

Entries in the competition will be accepted until July 3. The format remains unchanged, with the jury of experts choosing the best in two categories – “Open” for all professional artists and “Academy” for students of fine-arts academies in various countries, with total prize money of 12,000 euros.

The winning artists will receive their awards in a finale to be announced and their works will become part of the Carapelli collection. This year, in addition, a series of in-depth commentaries on the awards and the winners will be published on Carapelli for Art channels during all stages of the competition’s progress.

The fourth edition of the international award also sees the involvement of Lorenzo Balbi, artistic director of the Museum of Modern Art of Bologna (MAMbo), who is joining the jury alongside Elisa del Prete, curator and producer in visual arts; Matteo Innocenti, curator, art historian and critic, journalist; Massimiliano Tonelli, editorial director of Artribune; and Gabriele Tosi, independent curator and artistic director of LocaleDue in Bologna.


Artists can register for free from March 27 to July 3, with the winners to be announced in early September.

Download the registration form from www.carapelliforart.it

For more information: info@carapelliforart.it