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Voices of Commitment: Niklas speaks about sustainability in our operations

Interview with Niklas Sannebro, Director of Strategic Operations at Deoleo.

In our first episode of ‘Voices of Commitment: Deoleo Speaks ESG,’ we delve into the insightful perspectivesof Niklas Sannebro, Director Strategic Operations at Deoleo, and a renowned leader in the olive oil industry.Niklas sares insights on how sustainability is more than just a buzzword at Deoleo, and rather a multifaceted approach that intertwines with the company’s core operations, driving innovation, resource management, and ethical practices.

Read Niklas’ perspective below on how Deoleo is setting new standards in the industry to deliver unmatched excellence for consumers.

 Q: What does sustainability mean to you? In your area of expertise.

A: As Director Strategic Operations at Deoleo, I focus on ensuring our operations, processes, and new initiatives are sustainable, impactful, and transparent. I believe in a business case for sustainability to achieve long-term competitive advantage. This involves:

  • preparing for the future and being resilient.
  • innovating for better products within earth’s resource boundaries; and
  • finding solutions that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Key aspects of my role include:

  • resource management: optimizing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and implementing energy-efficient technologies;
  • actively seeking ways to reduce emissions in our factories through renewable energy sources and cleaner production methods; and
  • collaborating with suppliers to improve sustainability practices across the value chain.

We have embarked on a journey, and I´m really proud of how we are moving ahead, earlier this fall we launched our ESG report for 2022, and there are some important goals that we are achieving like:

  • Zero waste certificate in our Spanish production facility
  • We reduce 66% of scope 1 and 2 emissions versus 2021.
  • The introduction of recycled PET in a number of products.

I believe this has an impact on our company culture, visible examples that we care and that we are changing. This empowers everybody in the organization to be involved.

Q: How does Deoleo value the importance of digitalization?

 A: We aim to lead in innovation and digitalization. A key strategy is identifying disruptive technologies and innovative partners. Since 2021, we’ve worked with IBM Food Trust to create a blockchain traceability tool, enhancing transparency in the olive oil sector. This technology allows consumers to access data about their olive oil, from the origin of olives tofinished product.

Q: Is digitalization synonymous with being sustainable?

 A: Digital innovation is crucial not only for competitiveness but also for improving sustainable practices. It enhances operational efficiency and meets consumer demand for ethical products.

By leveraging technology effectively, companies can reduce their environmental impact, promote sustainable practices, and meet evolving consumer expectations for transparent and responsible products. This includes optimizing processes to reduce waste, implementing blockchain for supply chain transparency, and using digital platforms to educate consumers about sustainable practices.

Q: Can you give us an overview of what 2024 will be like?

 A: In 2024, we plan to:

  • expand blockchain-based traceability to more brands and markets;
  • continue improving energy use and efficiency, including increasing solar panel production and working on more efficient use of energy;
  • work closely with partners to reduce emissions and waste and enhance sustainable product design; and
  • innovate in logistics to reduce emissions.