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The fundraiser among Deoleo’s employees was a success

The fundraiser among Deoleo’s employees was a success

We launched in April an internal fundraising program through GoFundMe platform in order to raise money for food banks.

This campaign has raised about 3,000 euros from our employees. Deoleo has matched this figure, contributing what is needed to reach 10,000 euros. The funds has been distributed in equal parts between Il Banco Alimentare foundation in Italy and the Save the Children association in Spain.

Thanks to the help and generosity of our employees, families without resources such as those of Eva, Rachid or Jadiya, from Save the Children, have been able to receive food and educational support for the youngest members of the house.

The donation made to Il Banco Alimentare will help distribute 35,714 kilos of food to those who are the most vulnerable through various charitable organizations in Italy. According to an estimate by the European Food Banks Federation (of which Il Banco Alimentare is a member) one meal is equivalent to 500 g of food, therefore our donation would correspond to about 71,400 meals.