23 June 2020

2 min read

Bertolli becomes #1 olive oil in the US


We wholly attribute our brands’ growing success to their unparalleled quality. Deoleo remains committed to maintaining the highest possible standards throughout production, from olive grove to store shelf, and expert olive oil tasters around the world have acknowledged this. Our brands were awarded three gold medals and one silver in the World Olive Oil Competition held in New York.

More consumers are seeking out high quality in their food products. This they find in Bertolli, at the same time appreciating Deoleo’s unwavering commitment to sustainable growth through ecologically sustainable farming methods.
Deoleo is deeply grateful to its consumers for their patronage and loyalty and to all of its retail partners for their solid collaboration. We firmly believe, a high-quality oil elevates the dining experience – as well as their estimation of the category as a whole. They’ll go back and buy more, try different brands, choose a favorite and recommend it to friends.

At Deoleo, our stringent quality protocols include voluntarily following the California Standard for production methods and shipping – the strictest there is.

* Deoleo’s custom research definitions are based on IRI data for “Total US – Multi Outlet”
from the 52 weeks ending May 17, 2020.