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Deoleo’s sustainability strategy brings it one step closer to being the olive oil company with the greatest impact

Global Sustainability Strategy 2030
  • Deoleo launches its global sustainability strategy, establishing a new phase as it leads the way for the olive oil industry production and distribution
  • The strategy defines three goals for 2030 to help drive sustainable olive oil production
  • This new strategy will be brought to life through Deoleo’s key brands – Carbonell, Carapelli and Bertolli

Deoleo, the makers of some of the world’s top-selling olive oil brands (Euromonitor), today released its 2030 sustainability strategy – establishing a long-term vision for the future. This marks a new phase in the company’s sustainability journey and builds on its existing efforts to ensure responsible olive oil farming. The strategy sets a legacy of caring for people and the planet, reflecting the company’s decades of experience in the olive oil industry.  

“We are excited to be taking such a big step towards becoming a more sustainable business and signaling change across the industry,” said Ignacio Silva, Chairman and CEO of Deoleo. “I want Deoleo to be ambassadors for sustainability, working to uphold the future health of the land and the future health of society. This strategy is a key milestone in that journey.”  

The strategy formalises an approach the company has taken for many years: caring for what cares for you. Through three pillars, it will bring to life how Deoleo cares for farmers, consumers and the planet.  

Growing together is Deoleo’s commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture and strengthening communities by working in partnership with expert local farmers to purchase quality olive oil. Through it, the company has pledged to achieve certification by its Sustainability Protocol for 100% of its top-selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil brands by 2030. As a brand that is not only loved in Spain but also made there and closely connected to the country’s farming culture and traditions, this pillar will be particularly championed by Carbonell olive oil.  

Blending with love guides Deoleo’s approach to production, ensuring its high-quality olive oil is always made with integrity. It is how it will continue improving olive oil quality standards throughout the value chain, a commitment exemplified by Carapelli’s dedication to expert masterblending, quality and Italian heritage.  

And finally, Caring for you is Deoleo’s pledge to take care of the people who make its products, and the customers who enjoy them. It has set a goal to educate 150 million people by 2030 to improve everyday home cooking and on the benefits of olive oil. Leading the charge on this goal is Bertolli, a brand that stands for Real Good Living and is encouraging positive lifestyles through health and nutrition.  

For Deoleo, thinking and acting sustainably is the key to nurturing a healthier future – adding value to its brands, society and the planet. While sustainability has always been important to the company, this strategy will hel solidify Deoleo as a leader in sustainability and drive its ambitions forward.