Right to information

In accordance with applicable legislation, it is hereby stated that as of the publication of this  notice  of  summons,  all  shareholders  are  permitted  to  examine  and  obtain,  at  the corporate headquarters, located at Ctra. N-IV, km 388, Alcolea, Córdoba, the Company provide these documents to them immediately and for free.

In accordance with applicable legislation, the aforementioned documents are accessible on  the  Company’s  website (www.deoleo.com),  and  can  be  accessed  at  all  times, downloaded,  and  printed.  In  particular,  it  is  hereby  stated  that  the  aforementioned documents  regarding  the Spin-off are  located  on  the  Company’s  webpage,  and  can  be accessed at all times, downloaded, and printed starting as of November 22, 2019.

According to articles 197 and 520 of the Spanish Law on Corporations, up until the fifth day prior to the scheduled date of the Meeting, shareholders will be permitted to request any  information  or  clarifications  that  they  believe  to  be  necessary,  or  to  formulate any questions  they  believe  to  be  relevant  in  writing,  regarding  the  matters  contained  in  the agenda, the information accessible to the public that has been provided by the Company to the Spanish National Stock Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) since the holding of the last General Meeting of Shareholders, and regarding the report  from  the  auditors.  To  do  so,  shareholders  can  either  submit  their  inquiries  via registered mail with confirmation of receipt to the address of the corporate headquarters, located  at  Ctra.  N-IV,  km  388,  Alcolea,  Córdoba,  indicating  the  identity  of  the shareholder  making  the  request  and  indicating  a  return  address,  or  can  formulate  their questions in person at the corporate headquarters.

Valid requests for information, verification, or questions made in writing and the answers provided  in  writing  by  board  members  will  be  included  on  the  Company’s  website(www.deoleo.com).