Notification of Right to Vote and Financial Instruments


On this page you can access the notifications of voting rights and financial instruments sent by the required subjects. The information extracted by the CNMV comes from the latest notification that each subject required to notify has sent to the CNMV pursuant to the provisions contained in Royal Decree 1362/2007 dated the 19th of October 2007 and Circular 2/2007 dated the 19th of December 2007.

Number of voting rights: 500,000,004

Date of entry in the Mercantile Register: 24/06/2020

Date of publication on the CNMV website: 24/06/2020


Stock Holders

Notifications of voting rights
% of voting rights
Notifications of financial instruments
% of voting rights
Name % Direct % Indirect % Total Date entry register in CNMV Prev. Notif. To purchase in case of exercise (3) Date entry register in CNMV Prev. Notif.
CVC CAPITAL PARTNERS VI LIMITED 56,400 0,000 56,400 0,000 56,400 03/12/2018
5,072 0,000 5,072 0,000 5,072 22/07/2020



[N-A] Previous notifications, you can consult CNMV.
[S-A] This notification cancels previous notifications, you can consult CNMV.