Payment periods to suppliers

Pursuant the article 539.9 to the Ley de Sociedades de Capital, we provide information on our site regarding the payment periods to suppliers as of December, 31st 2020

Below are the disclosures required under additional provision three of Spanish Law 15/2010 (of 5 July 2010) (as amended by final provision two of Law 31/2014, of 3 December 2014), prepared in accordance with the related resolution issued by the Spanish Audit and Accounting Institute (ICAC) on 29 January 2016, regarding the information to be disclosed in the financial statement notes in relation to the average term of payment to trade suppliers.


2020 2019
Average period of payment to suppliers
Ratio of transactions settled
Ratio of transactions not yet settled


Thousands of Euros
2020 2019
Total payments made
Total payments outstanding

The data provided in the table above regarding supplier payments refer to suppliers which qualify as trade creditors in respect of amounts due in exchange for goods and services supplied, to which end it includes the amounts presented under ‘Trade and other payables – Trade payables’ within within current liabilities on the consolidated statement of financial position.

In keeping with the ICAC Resolution, in calculating the average supplier payment term, the Group considered the commercial transactions corresponding to goods or services delivered and accrued since effectiveness of Law 31/2014 (of 3 December 2014).

‘Average supplier payment term’ is the period elapsing between delivery of the goods or provision of the services by the supplier and effective payment for the transaction.

The maximum legally-permitted supplier payment term applicable to the Group under Law 3/2004 establishing measures to tackle trade supplier non-payment is 30 days, unless the parties mutually agree to extend it to up to 60 days. The Group has negotiated a maximum payment term of 60 days with substantially all its suppliers and trade creditors; accordingly, the weighted average payment term is calculated taking those negotiations into account.