Board of Directors


Post Holder of the post Kind of board member Date first appt. Member of the Board of Directors of other listed companies
President Mr. Ignacio Silva Alcalde E 12-04-19 No
Vocal Theatre Directorship Services Beta, S.a.r.l (*n1) D 13-06-14 No
Member Mr. Fernando Valdés Bueno D 23-03-15 No
Coordinating Member Mr. Gianluca Bolla I 05-06-17 Yes*
Member Mrs. April Adams-Redmond  I 30-07-21 No
Member Theatre Directorship Services Gama (*n2) D 26-01-15 No
Secretary Mr. Sergio González Galán 28-01-21 No
Vice secretary Mrs. María del Carmen Collar 22-02-18 No
Vice secretary Mr. Guillermo Zamora 23-04-15 No


(*n1) Mr. Javier de Jaime is the board member on behalf of Theatre Directorship Services Beta, S.a.r.l.

(*n2) D. Juan Arbide es Consejero en representación de Theatre Directorship Services Gama S.a.r.l.

* Mr. Gianluca Bolla is a Board member of Guess? Inc.

All the information on the Administrative Board of Deoleo, S.A. is available in the Annual Report on Corporate Governance.

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