Right to information.

In accordance with applicable legislation, it is hereby stated that as of the publication of this  notice  of  summons,  all  shareholders  are  permitted  to  examine  and  obtain,  at  the corporate headquarters, located at Ctra. N-IV, km 388, Alcolea, Córdoba, the Company provide these documents to them immediately and for free.

The aforementioned documents shall be electronically accessible via the website of the Company: www.deoleo.com.

In the terms provided for in articles 197 and 520 of the Capital Companies Act, up to five days  prior  to  the  date  of  the  meeting,  shareholders  may  request  information  or clarifications as necessary, or ask questions in writing, regarding the matters covered by the  agenda,  the  information  accessible  to  the  public  provided  by  the  Company  to  the National  Securities  Market  Commission  since  the  last  general  meeting  of  shareholders and the last auditor’s report. For these purposes, shareholders will be able to either send their  queries  by  means  of  registered  post,  with  acknowledgement  of  receipt,  to  the registered office, at the Company headquarters, Ctra. N-IV, KM 388, Alcolea –Córdoba, indicating the identity of the shareholder making the request and providing an address for reply, or make the request in person at the registered office.

Valid  requests  for  information,  clarifications  or  written  questions  and  written  replies provided    by    the    directors    shall  be  included  on  the  Company’s website (www.deoleo.com).